After being drafted as the number one overall pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, Cam Newton became the new face of the Carolina Panthers, as well as one of the bright young faces of the National Football League. When great expectations are met, all laud his praises. When he struggles, obvious criticism ensues. It's part of being a quarterback in the NFL. So why do some confuse the criticism for racism?

I'll admit, Jason Whitlock can be hit or miss for me. He has written some outlandish columns in the past that made me scratch my head. I'll also admit that sometimes Whitlock is fantastic. He is one of the more recognizable sports journalists in the business today. Jason brings up some interesting points about Newton's criticism, or for that matter, any criticism of a superstar black athlete.

The basis of his article begins with analysis on the reaction of an editorial cartoon that appeared in the Charlotte Observer. (pictured above)

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