The New Orleans Hornets opted not to sign Sasha Pavlovic today, after his 10 day deal expired. Pavlovic appeared in four games with the Hornets, with an underwhelming performance in each outing.

Trevor Ariza and Quincy Pondexter each missed time with sprained ankles, and the Hornets signed Pavlovic to fill in while each player missed time. Pavlovic even started two games, but failed to score in either, and lacked the defensive intensity Monty Williams hoped for.

The news that Pavlovic is unemployed comes as a surprise to no one. Coach Williams needed more healthy bodies, but learned a lesson in dishing out playing time.

"We've got Q back and Trevor is back, so trying to play all those guys is crazy.  I've done it all year trying to play 12 guys. I've made a mistake in trying to do that," explained Williams. "We needed bodies in practice. We were able to have a great practice today without Sasha, so it leads me to think we don't need anymore wings. We're in a good spot as far as having bodies for practice."