Over three million people from around the world competed in espn.com's fantasy football this year. Many of you may think you have had a dream fantasy season. Chances are, it does not compare to Nathan Harrington. Here is the story from salemnews.com.

Harrington, a Salem native, bested 3.1 million competitors to finish No. 1 among prize-eligible fantasy football leagues this season on ESPN.com. He did it all despite a crippling car accident, despite having no permanent residence and no computer. It's a feat not even the most ardent fantasy owners would dare to dream possible, and it has him on the verge of finding a new home.

"It was a ton of bad luck and good luck all rolled into one," Harrington said yesterday.

The bad luck began in the fall of 2009 when a car accident left Harrington with nerve damage and unable to work.

It got worse in October of last year when Harrington, his fiancee and his 3-year-old son were forced to move out of their Beverly apartment because the building was so infested with rats it was unlivable. The family was forced to move into a cheap motel; Harrington's computer went into a storage unit.

However, just four weeks into the new football season and practically homeless, Harrington found one piece of hope to cling to: His fantasy team was ranked in the top 50 of more than 3 million teams on ESPN.com. It became a salvation of sorts, and he put everything he had into it.

"My fantasy football was the one thing that kind of seemed to be going right at the time," Harrington said. "There was a lot to be upset about, but the one thing that was steady and heading in a positive direction was the fantasy football. So I thought I might as well stick with it and ride it out. Thank God I did."

He knocked on strangers' doors at the motel to ask if he could use their computer. He used the computer at the Blueberry Hill nursing home in Beverly, where his father was staying, to check the waiver wire. He went to his mother's house. He called in lineup changes to friends. He even made his fiancee, Gabby, pull the car over and wait outside the Beverly library so he could check his lineup.

"She laughs about it now," Harrington says. "But there were times when she was really mad at me."

He tried to explain, to no avail.

"I'm in the top 50, of maybe 10,000 people, maybe more," he told her over and over, not realizing until after he had won that he had actually beat more than 3 million people.

When Harrington was able to get online, the 33-year-old proved to be a savvy general manager.

He made 26 transactions over the course of the season, and they all worked. Players who hadn't scored in double digits all season suddenly turned into scoring machines once they were picked up by the Boston Beatdowns, the name of Harrington's team.

Read the full article here: http://www.salemnews.com/local/x1221294668/Salem-man-is-on-top-of-the-fantasy-football-world

Harrington  picked up Tim Tebow in week 17 on the advice of his 17 year old son. Tebow scored three touchdowns against the Chargers to help Harrington win it all. For the record, he won a $3500 Best Buy gift card, which he sold to his Mother for $2500. It should help to get his family into an apartment. Usually, I don't care about someone else's fantasy football story. They tend to all end the same. Harrington's story is the ultimate exception to the rule, and in many ways, a true fantasy.