Has the "Steelers Rule" made the NFL too soft? John Czarnecki, of foxsports.com thinks so.

Many people feel the same way as Czarnecki, but the rules are different, because the league is different. Players are bigger, stronger, and faster, as compared to 30 years ago...even ten years ago, so it's extremely difficult for the league to institute rules to try to protect players.

I must confess I grew up in western Pennsylvania. As a young reporter, the second NFL training camp I visited in the mid-1970s was the Steelers. The team put me up in a dormitory at St. Vincent’s College and I remember brushing my teeth next to a couple linebackers, a few hours before I spent time in Ernie “Fats” Holmes’ room as he tried to explain, Bible in hand, why he fired a high-powered rifle at a couple state policemen.

Mean Joe Greene was the toughest Steeler during that era, but Terry Bradshaw always tells me that even his teammates were afraid of Holmes. “You never knew what he might do,” Bradshaw said of Holmes.