Saints defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove overcame many struggles in his youth to get to where he is now. Hargrove has been spending time during the NFL lockout working with many troubled youngsters through the AMIKids Summer Challenge. Hargrove sat down with Thomas Grant Jr. of The Times and Democrat, and, to discuss the importance of serving as a role model.

Q. As a football player, how important is it to be a role model?

A. I don't think just being a football player means having to be a good role model. I think it's for everybody in the world, man, woman, boy or girl, no matter what you do, it's always good to be a good role model. There's always someone looking. Being a professional football player gives you kind of a bigger stage ... but really, anybody can be a role model. Anyone can do anything positive for the community.

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Many Saints fans know Hargrove's story. The young man is a tremendous example of overcoming incredible odds, to become a solid NFL player, and more importantly, an inspiring role model.

Anthony Hargrove will always be one of the great redemption stories of the NFL. He earned the Saints' Ed Block Courage Award for representing himself as a role model of courage and inspiration. Perhaps in the future, the NFL can award an Anthony Hargrove Courage Award. It can be given to any player that overcomes many life obstacles to eventually become an incredible person, and an even better role model.