NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is meddling with the game of football again, and this time it has nothing to do with player safety.

Goodell mentioned in an interview with Rich Eisen his desire to do away with the extra point process, which he and Patriots' coach Bill Belichick agree is boring and nearly automatic. The tinkering commissioner said throwing out the PAT would add excitement to the game, but all I see is another unnecessary attempt by Goodell to "leave his mark" on the game of football.

The possible changes would give the coach an option to take an automatic seven points upon scoring a touchdown or opt to go for eight by passing or running the ball. Basically, the exact same process we already with Goodell's face stamped all over it.

There were only five missed extra points this season, but those five potentially game changing plays would be lost if Goodell's "exciting changes" were passed.

Does he honestly think that by simply changing the phrasing of the rules that a coach will roll the dice and go for eight points with the automatic seven sitting right in front of him? If so, he really does spend more time in the owners box rubbing elbows than actually watching the sport he runs.

Commissioners should enact policies that benefit the fans and players and not be concerned with what type of personal legacy they will have when they retire. While doing away with the extra point process certainly wouldn't hurt players like his idea to expand Thursday Night Football, there is no real explanation for these non-changes aside from a personal propensity to stick his fingers in a perfectly delicious pie.

Stop messing with the game commissioner. Don't worry, we're all still watching.