What a beautiful day to travel yesterday. If you follow my blogs, you know that Jonesboro is a long drive. I-12 to Hammond, then up I-55 through Memphis and finally, US 62 to Jonesboro. Left about 9:30, had a leisurely lunch and arrived in Jonesboro around 6:15. By the time I got to northeast Arkansas, the temp was in the mid 50's although the sun never left.

I've been under the weather the last couple of days and had nothing planned for last night. Good thing, since I was in Jonesboro. When I checked in to the hotel, it was time for tipoff for the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.

My favorite team is the Cajuns. I only have one second favorite college team and it's UCONN basketball. The names Toby Kimball and Wes Bialosuknia mean nothing to you, but they were great players at UCONN when I was growing up. I made many trips to the old Field House in Storrs to watch them play as a kid. And, the Huskies were on first. Loaded up with Mucinex and Benedryl and settled in for the game.

Connecticut didn't rebound very well, but they did enough to beat San Diego State to advance to the Elite Eight. I don't know what it is with UCONN and the West Regional, but every time they have success in the tournament, it's come out west.

Saw the ending of the BYU-Florida game. Overtime and Gus Johnson. What more could you ask for? After that one was in hand I went to grab a burger and brought it back to the hotel.

I then watched a beautiful thing.


Getting hammered.

As a matter of fact, a UCONN victory and a Duke drubbing has made this my best night in Jonesboro. Ever.

But now the matter at hand.

This morning, I went outside about 8:15. It was sleeting.

Yep. Sleeting.

But as I write at 11:15 on Friday morning, the precip has stopped. It's cloudy and in the 40's. There's a chance of rain later tonight but hopefully we'll get this one in. We need to, because the forecast for tomorrow isn't promising at all.

Tonight it's Taylor Hubbell for the Cajuns and righthander Andy Ferguson for Arkansas State. The Cajuns beat Ferguson at Tigue Moore Field last year. This is a big game because Arkansas State's best pitcher, Jacob Lee, goes tomorrow. ASU has a good pitching staff, especially their starters. This will be an interesting series, since both teams have struggled to score at times, but both have pitched well. Here's hoping the Cajuns get off to a good start tonight. We're scheduled to go at 5:30 with the pregame here on espn1420 and espn1420.com. Hope you get a chance to tune in.