When I write my Friday prediction blogs, I do my best to look at things analytically.


It's not an easy thing to do when you have a dog in the hunt.

But I do my best not to be a fan and just look at strengths and weaknesses of each team and how one side of the football matches up with the other.

Then I look at some of the intangibles and weigh them as well.

And, after doing that, I think this game could be a war.

Maybe not. There's no question WKU has questions, especially on the offensive side of the football. Their two best wide receivers are out for the year. They'll have a very difficult time matching up against the Sun Belt's best secondary.

Quarterback Ka'Juan Jakes has been inconsistent. He's not very good throwing the ball if he has to move his feet. If the Cajuns get pressure and can still contain him (Jakes can run), they can make his life miserable.

I also like the matchup of the Cajuns' receivers against the secondary of the Hilltoppers.

I know that WKU's field goal kicking has been the worst in America this year.

But I also know that Jakes was an All-American against the Cajuns last year.

I know that there's no better running back in the league than Bobby Rainey...and WKU's offensive line does a good job of opening holes. Rainey can also make plays on his own. He's not a breakaway guy, but he's good enough to get ten yards and a foot on third and ten.

I know that WKU could easily be 3-0 in the Sun Belt right now. And, I know they're getting better every week.

I know they broke a 26-game losing streak against the Cajuns last year, and they believe they can break an eighteen game home losing streak against them this week.

I know WKU's front seven is solid. And, middle linebacker Andrew Jackson is the best in the league at his position.

I know WKU is solid in the kick return game, which, until the last two games has been a major problem for the Cajuns.

And, the Cajuns are playing on the road for the first time in nearly a month. The "juice" the Cajuns get from the home follks won't be anywhere to be found this week.

I said in my blog yesterday that I believed the biggest key for the Cajuns would be getting off to a good start. And, I still think that's paramount.

I'm not concerned about the Cajuns begin motivated. They want to make it seven. They'll remember last year.

If the Cajuns are going to win this game, they have to do what they've done the past four weeks. Play smart football. Don't turn it over. Hit a big play. Play stout defense.

I know this team will have a gameplan. Every game plan is outstanding. And, I feel when it's all said and done, as long as the 22 guys in white execute the gameplan properly, this team will be on a plane Saturday night with win number seven.

Because, after weighing everything, one thing stands out.

The Cajuns are just a better football team.

Prediction: UL -3