It was up before dawn this morning as I got ready for the trip out West.  Since we played in Hammond last night and didn't get back til about eleven, I was happy that I actually packed Wednesday morning for the trip to San Francisco.  The flight was at 8am out of Baton Rouge, so that meant leaving the house about 5:30. 

Now, before I go any farther, let me say that I believe in flying Lafayette.....but not when it's $125 more expensive.  I shop for good rates and if it means going to Baton Rouge, then so be it.

The flight to Houston was uneventful and I had a two hour layover so that meant I had time for breakfast before the 11:10 flight to San Francisco.  As it turns out, I had even more time than that.  By the time we should have started boarding, the plane we'd be travelling on had just arrived.  So we were nearly 50 minutes late in departure.

As it turned out, the Rice baseball team was on the same flight.  I got a chance to say hello to their coach, Wayne Graham.  Graham had a brief career with the New York Mets back in the 60's.  He played for Casey Stengel and even looks like Ole Case a  little.  Wears his number 37, too.  I introduced myself and wished him luck this weekend.  I said since we're playing twice this season I was happy we weren't playing each other this weekend.  He said "You got us last year."  I reminded him that he also got us last year.  He said, "Oh yeah, the second game."  Coaches remember the tough losses.

On the plane I got to watch great basketball.  UCONN came from double digits down and hit one at the buzzer to upset Pitt.  Oklahoma State missed a shot at the buzzer and Kansas survived.  Syracuse got past a game St. John's team.  Thank you DirecTV.

Got to San Francisco and wouldn't you know it, it was drizzling.  I caught a cab and found a guy who knew where he was going and how to get there quickly.  Dude drove FAST.  Got to the hotel, which is just eight blocks or so from AT&T Park where the Cajuns will play this weekend.  Check in was a breeze.

I think it's going to be a cable car ride to Chinatown for dinner tonight.

Now, a personal note:  I don't write much about my personal life mainly because you probably don't care.  Most of you who read this blog don't know me on a personal level.  But I do have a personal life.  When the plane landed and I turned on my phone there was a voicemail from Julie, my eldest daughter.  There was also a text from my wife saying "Call Julie."

Julie married the man of her dreams a few years ago.  She inherited a daughter, Emily, who is now in the first grade.  But Julie really wanted a child of her own.  She and her husband Bobby were having trouble conceiving and there were many trips to the doctor, tests and treatments.  Finally, after three years, Julie informed me a couple of weeks ago that she is expecting.  I was as excited over the prospect of grandchild #8 as I was over the first seven.  Maybe even more so since I knew how badly they wanted a child together.

So I was a little apprehensive when I got the voicemail and the text.  I called Julie before I even got off the plane.


I chuckled.  As the father of twins that we adopted eight years ago, I know what that's like.  And I know that Julie and Bobby will be well prepared.  So will we when asked to babysit.

I told careful what you pray for.

This is already a great trip.