I made my vote this morning.

This is the first week of the BCS standings and we'll see how the Harris Poll compares to the actual BCS standings when they are released this evening.

Here's how I voted this week, with the actual Harris ranking in parenthesis.

1. LSU (1)

2. Alabama (2)

3. Oklahoma (3)

4. Wisconsin (4)

5. Oklahoma State (6)

6. Boise State (5)

7. Stanford (7)

8. Oregon (9)

9. Clemson (8)

10. Arkansas (10)

11. South Carolina (13)

12. Virginia Tech (16)

13. Nebraska (11)

14. Michigan State (15)

15. Kansas State (12)

16. West Virginia (14)

17. Michigan (17)

18. Houston (22)

19. Georgia Tech (18)

20. Texas A&M (19)

21. Notre Dame (NR)

22. Auburn (21)

23. Louisiana (NR)

24. Arizona State (23)

25. SMU (NR)

I flipped Clemson and Oregon this week after Clemson's near embarrassment against Maryland.  I dropped Baylor and Texas out of my poll, re-entering Texas A&M and adding SMU at 25.  It's amazing each week how teams ranked from 10-17 keep losing, making the first part of the second ten difficult to rank each week.

Games I'll be keeping an eye on next week include Oklahoma State at Missouri (seems all of OSU's tough conference games are on the road, except for Oklahoma.)  LSU/Auburn features two Top 25 teams.  Wisconsin will get a really tough test at Michigan State.  If the Badgers win that one convincingly, they become top three material.  Washington is ranked in the Harris Poll this week, but they have to go to Stanford. so that ranking could be short-lived.  Penn State is ranked in the Harris Poll as well.  They'll have an interesting one at Northwestern.  To me, PSU is the most unimpressive 6-1 team in America.

I have Notre Dame in my Top 25.  We'll find out if they're deserving this week as they take on USC.