Because of the difficulty in getting home from Nashville last week, I neglected to post this. So, here we are after a one week absence with my Harris Poll vote for this week.

Over the next few weeks this all is going to shake out. Stanford still must play Oregon, LSU has to play Arkansas, Oklahoma State has Oklahoma, not to mention a tough trip to Lubbock next week, and Boise State has to face TCU next Saturday.

1. LSU
2. Oklahoma State
3. Stanford
4. Boise State
5. Alabama

Sorry, Bama. You lost. And therefore, you fall below the unbeatens. If you want a rematch, win your games and get some help. I said more than a week ago that the LSU-Alabama loser would fall below all the unbeatens (except Houston) in my poll. There ya go.

6. Oregon
7. Oklahoma
8. Arkansas
9. Clemson
10. Houston

Houston, despite a weak schedule, has done what they need to do. I still don't think they're part of the conversation for a BCS bowl, but if they keep winning and Boise State stumbles, they will be.

11. Virginia Tech
12. Michigan State
13. Penn State
14. Nebraska
15. South Carolina

Three Big Ten teams here. Michigan State lost to Nebraska. Nebraska lost to a non-contender.

16. Kansas State
17. Wisconsin
18. Southern Miss
19. Georgia
20. Michigan

Kansas State didn't fall much after taking Oklahoma State to the final play of the game on the road. Southern Miss vs. Houston for the CUSA championship could be one helluva football game. And, don't look now, but Georgia controls its own destiny in the SEC East.

21. Texas
22. Georgia Tech
23. Cincinnati
24. TCU
25. Ohio State

Texas, with two losses, might be a little undervalued. Cincinnati has the inside track in the Big East. And, someone had to get my #25 vote. It happened to be the Buckeyes.

SEC fans probably think this week is an off week. They would be wrong. Stanfiord/Oregon, Boise State/TCU and Oklahoma State/Texas Tech are gonna be good ones.