Today is the day I made my first vote in the Harris Interactive Poll.  As I said in a previous blog, I'm not necessarily going to make my entire vote public each week.  But I'll make some references as to how I voted.

But, here's my top ten for week one.

1. LSU--The Tigers have the best record of accomplishment of any team in the top three.  Three wins over ranked teams, and none of them at home.  Other teams may have been more impressive yesterday, but none have been more impressive in their total body of work.  Next week:  Home vs. Florida.

2. ALABAMA--A very impressive win over Florida yesterday.  That was preceeded by a very impressive win over Arkansas.  Methinks November 5th in Tuscaloosa could be interesting.  Next week:  Home vs. Vandy.

3.  OKLAHOMA--Good win over Florida State.  They're obviously very good.  But they haven't done quite as much on the field as the top two. A nice job on the road at Florida State.  Not overly impressive in their win over Missouri.  Ball State and Tulsa wins are, well, Ball State and Tulsa wins.  Next week:  In Dallas for the annual against Texas.

4.  WISCONSIN--I've been waffling for a couple of weeks as to who would get my number four vote.  The Badgers made it easy for me with that win yesterday.  Nest week:  They can just jump around.  It's a bye week.

5.  OKLAHOMA STATE--The nation's best offensive team.  Their win over Texas A&M in College Station isn't to be ignored, even with A&M's meltdown (again) against Arkansas.  Next week:  Home against Kansas.

6.  BOISE STATE--Before the season ends, that win over Georgia is going to look that much more impressive.  They got a measure of revenge against Nevada yesterday.  They could be the team America loves to hate (again) before the season ends.  Next week:  at Fresno State (Friday).

7.  STANFORD---They're really good.  And Andrew Luck is the real deal.  But they really need to be tested to show me they're better than this.  Next week:  No test.  Colorado at home.

8. CLEMSON--Okay, Tigers, you got my attention.  Winning over Auburn and Florida State was pretty impressive.  But those games were at home.  Yesterday you went to Blacksburg and dominated Virginia Tech.  I noticed.  Next week:  Home against Boston College.

9.  OREGON--Since their loss to LSU, they haven't been tested by anyone.  It's possible they may not be.  Everyone's forgotten about the Ducks since the opener.  That would be a mistake.  Next week:  Home vs. Cal on Thursday.

10.  MICHIGAN--So here's my dilemma.  In preparation for this, I did a top 25 last week.  The only two teams between my #8 and #16 that didn't lose were Oregon, who didn't play, and Clemson.  Someone has to be ranked #10.  For now, it's these guys.  Next week:  At Northwestern.