It's been a pretty rough last few months for the LSU Tigers.

The football team has been placed on probation.  Yes, the NCAA praised the Compliance department for their cooperation.  But they're still on probation.

NCAA investigators also wanted to talk to LSU about its relationship with Willie Lyles.

The Russell Shepard housing incident is still under investigation and remains unresolved.

And now, the police want to talk with four LSU players concerning their alleged involvement at an incident at the aptly-named Shady's Bar in Baton Rouge on Friday.

The four players, quarterback Jordan Jefferson, wide receiver Jarvis Landry, offensive tackle Chris Davenport and linebacker Josh Johns were supposed to meet with Baton Rouge police on Monday.  But that meeting has been pushed back a day at the behest of attorney Nathan Fisher.

There's a lot about the incident we don't know.  Here's what we do know.

Two of the four players are under the age of 21.  Jefferson's 21st birthday is this Thursday.

All four were among many LSU players who were out celebrating the end of fall camp.

Outside of the bar, there was an incident where someone was trying to leave, but there was a crowd blocking the car's exit.  The driver of the car blew the horn at the crowd and some took issue with it.

What happened after that is what police will try to sort out.

A spokesman for the Baton Rouge police department says someone could be arrested and charged with second-degree battery.  That's a felony.

Lawyers for the victims say that charges will be pressed.

And, in two weeks. LSU is scheduled for one of their toughest openers in recent history when they take on Oregon at Cowboys Stadium.

LSU Coach Les Miles says he'll deal with the players from a discipline standpoint.  He, like everyone else, wants details.

The story, as it unfolds, could involve Jefferson more than any of the other players.  And, if that turns out to be true, that won't be good for LSU.

The much-maligned quarterback has been praised by Miles for his leadership and maturity.  He also has seemingly matured as a quarterback under Steve Kragthorpe.

And, despite the clamoring of LSU fans who assumed that Zach Mettenberger would be the starter, Jefferson is still the man calling the signals.  Jarret Lee, who was mercilessly booed at Tiger Stadium two years ago, is leading the charge to be the backup.

Local talk shows have been interesting.  Recently, many called in to ask how LSU could be rated so high, because, after all, Jefferson was still the quarterback.  Yet, after the incident at Shady's, LSU fans are wailing and gnashing their teeth because it's possible Jefferson might not be able to play.

Hypocrisy rules among the fan base.

I've defended Jordan Jefferson the quarterback.  And, I believe that Jefferson was ready to lead an LSU charge that,  if they could survive a rugged September, could lead to one interesting afternoon in Tuscaloosa in November.

But if Jefferson is as involved as eyewitnesses allege and Miles does what he'll absolutely have to do if the stories are true, all bets are off.

And, we STILL don't know about Russell Shepard's situation.

Yep, it's been a heckuva last few months in Tigertown.

Thank God for the University of Miami.