It has been decided that Alabama and LSU should play for the BCS Championship on January 9th.

And, if you read last week's blog, you know I don't agree with that decision.  But, that's all finished now.

The question now becomes, how did we get to this point?

And, the answer is not "well, the two best teams are playing."  Now, that's what the pundits will say.  And, I'm not saying their opinion isn't valid just because it's different from mine.  I still have an issue with choosing a team whose biggest claim to fame is a loss.  But, like I said, that's over now.

If you've followed the BCS and the human polls over the years, there are trends that can't be ignored.  And, here's the biggest one:

WHEN you lose is much more important than WHO you lose to.

Alabama lost on November 5th.  Oklahoma State lost two weeks later.

You don't think that makes a difference.  Well, how about this.

Let's suppose Alabama played in the SEC East and went 12-0.  And, last Saturday they played against LSU for the SEC Championship.  Oklahoma State is 10-1.

LSU defeats Alabama in overtime 9-6.  Oklahoma State then blows out Oklahoma in the Bedlam game.

Do you honestly think Alabama would be playing LSU again?  If you do, you don't know how this system works.

All week long, the SAME people who said it didn't matter what OSU did against OU....,that said Alabama and LSU were the two "best" teams, would say this:

"Alabama would still have a chance to play for the championship if they lose, but only if Oklahoma State loses as well.  If OSU wins over Oklahoma and wins by a large margin, the SEC championship would become an elimination game."

So much for that "best" argument.

So, in the system we have, Alabama will play LSU for the title.

But it won't be because they're the second best team.