Three in a row.


But the Cajuns have done that before.

In fact, this group of seniors has had a four game winning streak before, in 2008.

And, they're favored to make it four this weekend.

But it won't happen just by throwing a Ragin' Cajuns helmet onto the field and saying, "Look who we are."

Here are five things the Cajuns need to do in order to insure their fourth straight win:


  • 1

    Avoid The Trap

    And, this is most assuredly an ambush game. You're coming off a win over one of the defending champs. You have a game next week against the other one. You're playing a winless team in the middle.....a winless team that will come to Cajun Field believing they can win. The Cajuns aren't Florida, Michigan State or Auburn. Mental focus is absolutely the biggest key for this team, this week.

  • 2

    Slow Down Morris And Stinson

    FAU is one of the few teams that will run the fullback, and Stinson has hurt the Cajuns in the past. Morris, meanwhile, was the league rushing champion two years ago and he's been a thorn in the Cajuns' side the last two meetings. Coach Mark Hudspeth always talks about stopping the run. It's paramount this week.

  • 3

    Get After Wilbert And Kooi

    Neither quarterback plays with confidence. FAU will roll them out to avoid pressure. You may not sack them a bunch, but the defense needs to let the two quarterbacks know they're there. Hit 'em...regularly

  • 4

    Cover The Kickoffs

    Yeah, I know. There's been way too much attention paid to Hunter Stover's kickoffs (by the fans, not the coaches) and not enough paid to the real problem...staying in lanes and tackling. Hud has made some personnel moves in that area. It's the only thing not special about special teams. If the Cajuns shore up in that department, FAU may have some long fields to traverse, and their offense isn't designed for that.

  • 5

    Protect The Potato

    Although they don't have a fumble recovery this year, the Owls have forced ten fumbles in three games. The Cajuns must hold on to the football, regardless of who is holding it. Louisiana made it without a turnover last week. If they duplicate that feat, they win.