Mardi Gras is a celebration of decadence. It is a holiday of fun, excitement, and individuality. During Mardi Gras, social norms fly out the window and a laissez faire attitude prevails just about everywhere. Aside from allowing people from all walks of life to come together and revel, this attitude also allows for some pretty interesting costume and fashion accessories. Mardi Gras time is unlike any other, and with that in mind we are proud to bring you the five accessories that are only acceptable during Mardi Gras.

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    The Fanny Pack

    One of the beautiful things about Mardi Gras is that the normal rules of fashion and social acceptance cease to apply. The tackier the better, and there is simply no accessory on earth tackier than a brightly colored fanny pack. Wear it with pride. Store your valuables. Remind those around you that if they don't have pockets, you can carry their things in your fanny pack. It is the ultimate cargo accessory, and for a few days at least, strapping one on will make you the coolest kid at the Mardi Gras.

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    Feather Boas

    Any other time of year, feather boas are almost exclusively reserved for pimps and high class cocktail parties, but for Mardi Gras, they become a staple for the fashionably inclined. Use it as part of some odd and ill-fated seductive dance routine. Use it to lasso unsuspecting revelers, or just wear it around your shoulders to remind everyone that you are hear to party. The feather boa is the perfect addition to any spirited male or female's Mardi Gras outfits.

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    The Beer Helmet

    Normally reserved for overly-rowdy overweight fans at football games, the beer helmet becomes a beautifully tacky Mardi Gras accessory when used properly. For best results, fix the beer helmet atop the dome of someone who under normal circumstances would never be caught dead wearing the thing to maximize irony. The beer helmet puts everyone in its presence in a festive mood, and is a wonderfully tacky Mardi Gras accessory.


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    Catahoula Reeboks

    A unanimous favorite for shrimpers and gator hunters alike, white rubber boots are the swampers shoe of choice. Unfortunately, back in the city these swamp boots get a bad reputation. But for Mardi Gras, everything changes. Wear these bad boys to the parades, wear them to go dancing, wear them to go wherever you want. The white rubber boot can do it all.


    For additional bonus points, customize your pair of white rubber boots with glue on and sharpie designed styles that bring out your festive side.

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    Lets face it, for most of the year hat selection is fairly limited. You've got your standard baseball cap, you knit hats, your fashionable fedora, visor, and anything else you can find at your local sports store. Beyond that, you start to straddle that thin line between fashionably inclined and crazy. But for that wonderful few days virtually anything you put on your head is fair game. Got a top hat? Wear it! Got a crown? Put that thing on. The possibilities are endless and the bigger and brighter the better.

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