College football programs may get to add another assistant coach in the near future.

The NCAA’s Board of Directors is expected to approve a proposal that will allow college football programs to add a tenth assistant coach.

The American Football Coaches Association recently recommended a 10th full-time assistant.

The proposal has received the support of the Division 1 Council in this week’s NCAA meetings, which was to be expected. There appears to be nothing else to stand in the way of passing the proposal and expanding the coaching staff at football programs across the country.

A 10th full-time assistant may show the most worth for schools when it comes to recruiting.

Currently, the NCAA permits 14 staff members to conduct hands on coaching, including the head coach, his nine assistants, and four graduate assistants.

Now, a number of schools have analysts and quality control assistants, but they can't recruit.

Also, of the 14 staff members, only 10 are allowed to go on the road recruiting, and the head coach is restricted o his visits.

Therefore, schools will likely use a 10th assistant heavily in recruiting, if he is allowed to go on the road, which is what is expected.

The proposal has received the support of the council in this week’s NCAA meetings, and is expected to be approved in time for the 2017 season.

The council has also discussed starting the season in late August, and allowing schools to play 12 games over 14 weeks, which mean they could have two open weeks during their respective seasons.

As most know, the council did turn down the idea of having an early signing period in the summer, but there is still an option for an early signing period in December.