The fans of Ragin' Cajuns Baseball are the best in the country, and Fan Day is always their way of getting in the mood for baseball season.

I took Cody Junot along to hang out with the folks at M.L. Tigue Moore Field, and we caught up with the (lovable) crazies in Section A, ate some of Mr. Vic's world famous roasted peanuts, and watched the Cajuns put on a show before the grind of the regular season.

Tony Robichaux and Associate Head Coach Babineaux had to feel the love from Cajun Nation. The line for autographs wrapped all around the park to the gates for over an hour, and a lot of folks stayed all the way through the exhibition game between the alumni and current players. Tons of fans of all ages got to meet their favorite players, take some pictures, and soak in a gorgeous afternoon at The Tigue.

The wind wasn't cooperating with the Home Run Derby, but Kyle Clement still found a way to crank five home runs out of the park in the preliminary round of the event. Unfortunately for Clem, Greg Davis scooped up the win in the final round with a single dinger.

Davis gets the bragging rights over former players like Jace Conrad and Caleb Adams, and Clement gets to carry a hot bat into the season opener this Friday against Sam Houston State. It works out for everybody.

Laughs are always abundant at Fan Day. The players and fans both took advantage of some chances to cut loose.

Section A was heckling from all angles. Umpires, coaches, current and former players...nobody was safe. Most of the humor on the field came from the alumni, who were just glad to cut up with their buddies on the same field for a while. They filled the infield during Dylan Butler's home run derby at bats to rib him a bit, and the jawing from their dugout was constant throughout the lighthearted intersquad game.

Austin Robichaux might have had more fun than anybody in the park. He tried to play as many positions as possible on defense, and he even tried to turn a double-play at second base. Somebody call the Angels, they have a five-tool player and they don't even realize it.

It might have been a bit windy, but the temperature was right, the players were happy, and it absolutely felt like baseball season.

With the intense grind of a high-pressure season ahead, relaxation can be hard to find. On the Sunday before opening weekend, all of Cajun Nation got a taste of what's to come with a side of fun. We'll see you out at "The Tigue."