Who remembers this video gem?

Eight years later, a few things come to mind when watching the ESPN1420 Super Friends commercial.

1. Stevie P. looks slightly different. He's run a lot of miles since then, and is in better shape.

2. Jay has dropped quite a bit of weight, and would no longer need to suck in his stomach the way he does in the group shot. I mean seriously, he's about to let out the deepest breath.

3. Kevin looks the same.

4. Billy looks...well, we don't know what Billy looks like in this spot. All I can say is that Billy has about another hundred or so bandanas in a briefcase that he travels with. Bill, please don't walk into a bank dressed like that.

5. I'm not in the shape I was in then, but on a positive note, I have more hair.

Thanks to Greg Gossen at Channel One for bringing this video back to life.