Former Ragin' Cajun and current Orlando Magic point guard Elfrid Payton has always publicly shared his love of Sour Patch Kids.

Anyone who follows Elfrid on twitter has seen him post photos of the popular sour candy.

I once asked Payton what his last meal would consist of. Rather than string out a long list of foods like steak or chicken, he simply responded, "I don't know, but my dessert would definitely be Sour Patch Kids."

The man loves Sour Patch Kids, and apparently, Sour Patch Kids took notice.

Earlier today, Payton tweeted out the following pictures.



One can only assume the locker was filled with Sour Patch Kids. Is it a full blown endorsement? No, but it's a start.

If Marshawn Lynch can get an endorsement deal with Skittles, it's time for Elfrid Payton to get a deal with Sour Patch Kids.