Dylan Moore already holds the Ragin' Cajun career saves record as a sophomore. This weekend, he fully outdid himself.

The Sun Belt Conference named Moore their pitcher of the week after he struck out eight Troy Trojan batters, pushing his season total to 17 K's in ten innings of work. "D-Mo" is a machine out of the bullpen, and Head Coach Tony Robichaux is giving his youngster a lot of work.

Not many managers name a freshman as closer. It was in Moore's blood from the start.

"He's doing something that's very hard to do," Coach Robe said. "That's a hard role to take as a freshman."

When Moore comes out of the bullpen, opposing batters are in trouble for a couple reasons.

Nobody throws like him. There isn't a single pitcher you can find that replicates Moore's jerky motion, and his delivery creates nightmares for players at the plate. Add in a killer's countenance on the mound, and you get a coach's dream out of the bullpen.

"He never looks at the score. He just focuses on how many outs he has to get," Robe said.

His capability to pitch multiple innings offers Robichaux a luxury out of the bullpen, and opposing teams can't help but lose some hope when they see him trot out late in the game.

Only two years into his Cajun career, Moore already has 17 career saves. The MLB will probably come knocking sooner rather than later, so appreciate his funky tune on the mound before the music moves on.