Some dads expect their kids to follow in their chosen career path. However, one successful dad we all know and love recently said he doesn’t want his kids following in his footsteps. Drew Brees is not allowing his children to play football until they are teenagers.
With three boys, you would think to yourself, oh yes, football, football, football! According to Drew, that's not the case. Drew and his wife, Brittany feel it is too risky of a sport at a young age. Drew Brees told USA TODAY: 

"At a certain age, I think it's appropriate. I think you can be too young to go out there and strap on a helmet."

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Drew goes on, saying:

Baylen 4, Bowen 2, and Callen will have to wait till they are teenagers, before they can play football. Who knows they may not play football at all.

Honestly, do you believe Drew will not let his kids play football?