It's been a hot message board topic since the 2013 football season ended.

Brad Kemp/

It's the contract of Louisiana football coach Miark Hudspeth.

It was announced quite some time back that the University and Hudspeth were negotiating a six year contract extension after Hud led the Cajuns to their third consecutive R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl win.

And, fans, as they can be ('s true) have been a little impatient.  Some have accused the administration of dragging its feet.  But it's something called negotiation.  The University's lawyers and Hudspeth's lawyers have reviewed, fine tuned, had discrepancies, compromised and looked over the proposal with a magnifying glass.

But there's never been anyone who has suggested negotiations were at an impasse or that an agreement couldn't be reached.

But lately it's almost been like Vatican Square, waiting for white smoke to come out of a chimney.

One outlet even reported this week that the contract was signed.

So, since everyone is watching closely, let us share for you what we know.

It's going to happen.  It hasn't happened yet.  In fact when the report was made that the contract was signed, our sources tell us the latest proposal hadn't even gotten to Hudspeth's attorneys.

So, patience, grasshoppers.

Be confident in knowing that the contract will get done.  It will get signed.  We will all find out the details in the contract.  And, Cajun fans will rejoice.

And when it's time for the official announcement, we'll have it right here.

Watch this space.....