November 3 has been widely anticipated in the Southeastern Conference since schedules were announced.

Well, it's here.  Alabama at LSU.  Death Valley.  At night.

And, yet, it's hard to find a lot of LSU fans that are really excited to play this one.  And, to an extent, that's understandable.

After all, Alabama is pretty darned good.

But I've said it many times this week and in the past.  And, I'll say it in the future:

When LSU is playing in Tiger Stadium, especially at night, they always have a chance to win.

The Tigers come into this game having won 22 straight at home.  They've lost only once at night under Les Miles and that was against Florida in 2009.  They have one of the best home crowds in college football in one of the noisiest stadiums.

Probably the reason for the lack of confidence by so many Tiger fans is they can't see where the Tigers have a personnel advantage.  Alabama's defense is number one in so many categories, they could double Yahtzee.  They are frighteningly good, especially against the run, when other teams enter their red zone.  Alabama has yet to be held under 30 points this season.  Their quarterback, A. J. McCarron, has yet to throw an interception and might be the frontrunner for the Heisman if not for Collin Klein at Kansas State.

But when LSU plays at Tiger Stadium, at night, there's always a chance.

And, here's LSU's chance, as I see it.

The Tigers must put Alabama in a situation the Tide hasn't seen this year and then see how Alabama responds.

Alabama has been unbelievable in the first quarter, having given up only six points while scoring over a hundred.  And, that's the place where LSU has to get it done.

They have to punch Alabama in the mouth, early.  And, if they can do it more than once, so much the better.

It doesn't matter how they do it.  Get a short field after a turnover.....score on a kick back...hit a long one.....get a sustained drive on the ground.....succeed on a trick play.

How doesn't matter at all.  Getting that done is imperative...and it's LSU's only chance.

If it's Alabama that does the early punching, two things will happen:  First, Alabama will get in its comfort zone and be able to get in a normal routine.  Not good.  And, if Alabama gets on the board early....say 14-0, those 95,000 in the stands won't mean anything.  In fact, as quick as both Alabama and LSU fans are to turn on their team and coach when things aren't going well, those fans might actually be a deterrent to LSU's chances.

Nope, if the Tigers are going to win Saturday night, they have to be the aggressor and they have to have early success.  If they do, the fighting Tigers have a fighting chance.