The reaction from Saints fans regarding Sean Payton moving his family to Dallas has been mixed. One fan feels disrespected, while another claims to not care, as long as Payton is coaching and winning. How does Saints All-Pro Quarterback Drew Brees feel about the move? Brees appeared on SiriusXM's Mad Dog radio station yesterday and was asked about his coach's move.

Host: "Do you care? Would that give you some doubt in your mind that he's committed to the city of New Orleans long term?"

Brees: "Not at all, not at all. It's a non-issue. I think people just look to make a big deal out of nothing. When you look at players around this league, coaches, a lot of them have a home elsewhere whether that's a home base, where they're from or where they have strong connections. So that's not unusual at all and I know that people made a big deal out of that and wanted to jump to conclusions that were all untrue. But no, there's not a guy who's more committed to his team and to the city than Sean Payton. He's raised over one and half million dollars through his foundation over the past three years for the city. I don't even need to mention what he's done for the team over the last five years. That was a decision that he made with his family that was best for his family and that's going to be their home base in Dallas. But it takes nothing away from his commitment to New Orleans."

No surprise to hear Brees defend his head coach. Having said that, Brees would never move his family out of New Orleans while being the quarterback and face of the franchise. As much as he talks about the community, and how he and his family have fallen in love with it, Brees seems more connected to the Gulf South than Sean Payton.

It's the offseason, and there isn't much NFL news other than possible franchise tags and the labor strife. That, coupled with the surprise of Payton's move, has led to endless phone calls on sports talk radio and a plethora of articles from journalists regarding the head coach's second residence.

Personally, I feel it's just that for Payton, personal. Quite frankly, it's none of my business where his family wants to live. As long as Payton himself is living close to work and doing his job, what he chooses to do with his family is his business, not mine.