This may be the second best catch that Dewayne Wise has ever made. The only catch is, it wasn't a catch.

Back in 2009, while with the Chicago White Sox, Wise robbed the Rays' Gabe Kapler of a home run with a fantastic, juggling catch, preserving a perfect game for pitcher Mark Buehrle.

Last night, Wise, now with the Yankees, goes after a fly ball hit by Jack Hanahan of the Cleveland Indians. Wise dives into the stands, with the ball bouncing off of his glove. But third base umpire Mike DiMuro signaled that Wise made the catch, even though Wise never showed him the ball.

Credit to Wise, as he sold it to perfection.

Also credit the Yankee fans, as they did a pretty good acting job themselves.

The Yankees, who were up 4-0 at the time, held on to win, 6-4.

Check out the video of the catch that wasn't.