High school football season is cranking up with jamborees, with week 1 games to follow next Friday. The Crowley Gents defeated Church Point 12-7 in jamboree action Thursday night.  However, it wasn't a jamboree that had Crowley fans concerned. It was a Week 1 opponent. It appeared they wouldn't have one after Sarah Reed (New Orleans based school) told the LHSAA they were dropping football.

The Sarah Reed Olympians only had 16 players on its football team, much less than the 42 from a year ago.

Luckily for the Gents, several state schools had open dates for Week 1. Wossman High in Monroe has a history with the Gents, having played Crowley many times in the 80s. Principals at each school are friends, and filled the open date slot with a football matchup in no time.

Crowley's coaching staff now must prepare for another team, but it's better than preparing for a Friday night off. After all, it is football season.