Marques Colston is on pace to surpass his career best 98 passes in 2007. During the Saints 5 game win streak, Colston has quietly put together quite a run.

And like the Saints' surge toward the top of the NFC South and conference overall, Colston nabbed 31 catches and four of his five touchdowns during the winning streak. His last catch was the difference in a nail-biter last weekend in Cincinnati.

On the season, he has 71 catches, a total that not only is tied for fourth in the NFL, but also might surprise a lot of folks since Colston is producing without any fanfare. Colston also has surpassed his output from last season (70 receptions), has his second-highest total and is pushing toward his career-best mark (98 catches in 2007).

Colston, whose lack of notoriety is in large part due to his quiet nature, stalled for a second when I asked him about his recent run, as if he was tempted to go a little Ochocinco, but he reverted back to what got him here: Humility.

"It's a result of a lot of things, but I owe what's gone on to a lot of people," he said, sounding as if he'd just won a Grammy.

His run, actually, is a byproduct of him finding more ways to get open and the Saints making an effort to get him the ball.

Saints Coach Sean Payton said he's made a point to put pressure on defenses with Colston by moving him to different receiver positions they haven't used before. The luxury to have Colston being highly cerebral and a matchup nightmare at 6-foot-5, 225 pounds, has put Colston in positions where he ends up being Brees' primary option.

"The last few weeks he's been real important to what we're' doing," Payton said. "We're mixing up some formations. The game mentally comes so easy to him, it gives him position flexibility and versatility."

In the Saints' diverse offense, their typically is a different player who stands out each week. Colston is on a roll, though.

Indeed he is. Colston has undoubtedly been overlooked during his 4+ year career. His pro bowl snub in 2007 was heinous. Hopefully the NFL, its players, and fans, will finally give the young man the recognition he deserves. If Colston is not selected as a pro bowler this year, it may never come. While that may bother him, he'd never let you know. There's a reason the cool Colston has the nickname "Quiet Storm."