Professional wrestler CM Punk, who's real name is Phillip Brooks, may have put himself, and World Wrestling Entertainment in a little hot water, after striking a fan following WWE's Raw main event on Monday night.

Punk had just finished a match with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, when cameras caught him striking a fan.

McMahon was giving Punk the choice of facing either John Cena or Ryback at an upcoming pay-per-view event, before Punk spins, and hits a fan behind him with the back of his hand, before also pushing the fan in his face.

I think the fan will live, but this is actually pretty big stuff.

We're not talking about a jobber here. We're talking about CM Punk, the WWE World Champion. What's worse, is that it happened right in front of McMahon, who just happens to be the real Chairman, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Committee of World Wrestling Entertainment, and who's wife Linda McMahon, just happens to be running for the U.S. Senate. Not to mention the fact that this was seen live on national television.

Now, I don't know the whole story here, but this looks bad.

It's possible the fan could have done something to Punk off camera, but he looks totally shocked after getting hit.

Judging from the video, the gentleman who got struck didn't seem to do anything to warrant it, and that makes what Punk did completely inexcusable.

The WWE has to take some of the blame here. Anytime a wrestler goes into a crowd anything can happen, and there's only so much security can do.

Fans also have to take some responsibility. I'm not talking about specifically here, because the guy didn't look like he did anything wrong, but idiots have done things before to provoke performers, who become guarded because of it.

That being said, most of the blame falls on Punk. I love the guy. He's an old-school type of wrestler who I like to watch because he knows how to tell a story in the ring. But you simply cannot hit a fan, unless it's in obvious self-defense.

Like I said, I'm a big Punk fan, and I admit that I don't know the whole story here, but from what I see, Punk has to be punished, probably by him dropping the title very soon to start with.