New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory is sailing through unchartered waters this offseason. The Saints 2010 leading rusher is rehabbing from offseason surgery, and searching for a place to stay in shape during the NFL lockout. Here is more from James Varney of The Times Picayune and

"At this point (the lockout) doesn't complicate too much for me because I would still be rehabbing," he said. "But as far as working out and everything it probably will complicate that, because I don't have those trainers or a strength coach there to help me working on certain parts of my body.

"But it doesn't really bother me," he continued, "because if I really needed a trainer who was going to help me get my body together and keep my muscles strong, just to avoid me from helping avoid those little issues, I've got an agent who can help direct me to places, so I don't think that will be a big issue."

When healthy, Ivory runs with a violent aggression that is intimidating for any defense to stop. However, his best attribute is also his biggest issue. Chris Ivory will always be a great NFL running back when healthy. He will also never play a complete 16 game season in my opinion. Ivory's frantic, savage, and attacking approach to running the football will always lead to an injury. But, when he is on the field, Ivory will be one of the hardest backs to take down in the NFL.