Is it possible that the Bowl Championship Series could come to an end, with the members of the major conferences (ACC, Big XII, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-12, and the SEC) setting-up their own national championship game? Tony Barnhart, of, thinks so. View his column, below.

Auburn head coach Gene Chizik guided his team to the 2010 BCS National Championship.

A lot of people in Division I-A (FBS) football sat up and took notice last week when Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany and SEC commissioner Mike Slive raised the possibility of expanding athletic scholarships to include "the full cost of attendance."

Delany and Slive, the two biggest powerbrokers in big-time college sports, said the time has come to consider giving athletes a stipend to cover incidental living expenses, something major academic scholarships already do.

Schools on the lower end of Division I-A, whose budgets are already deep in red ink as they try to keep up with the big boys, feared such a move would further widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots. They were concerned this was just the first shot across the bow in a process where the six BCS conferences will eventually break away and operate as a separate division in college football.