Tyson Chandler has never garnered the headlines given to some of his all-star teammates. However, the Mavericks addition of Chandler last offseason is paying huge dividends this postseason. The Mavs identity changed when Tyson showed up. Suddenly defense and toughness were being used to describe Dallas. Matt Moore of cbssports.com describes it best.

Chandler set the tone and brought the Mavericks a new attitude. It takes a lot of toughness to make the champs into wimps, to turn a dynasty to dust. After so many years as an after-thought, Tyson Chandler is the first line of defense for a team headed to the Conference Finals. 

Tyson Chandler: The man who ended an empire

Tyson blossomed when he was with the Hornets. Many listeners of my show will recall the two times Chandler was a guest of the Great S.C.O.T.T. show. While he was classy, candid, and straight forward, it was also easy to notice his competitive nature. Tyson loves defense. He takes pride in it. He brings an energy and toughness the Mavericks never had, an energy that the Hornets have been lackings since Jeff Bower's dubious trade of Chandler for Emeka Okafor. This trade came a few months after a rescinded trade to Oklahoma City of Chandler for a couple of spare parts with expiring contracts. I ripped each trade the day they occured. A little less than two years later, more Hornet fans are ripping the moves too. Tyson is a great teammate, and an extremely hard worker. Notice that the team chemistry of the  Hornets  was at its best when Chandler was brought on board. Bobcat and Maverick fans can claim the same thing. It's no coincidence.