(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Any time a 12-time Pro-Bowler visits your team, you should get excited. When you need a defensive back and that player is Champ Bailey, you should be ecstatic.

Bailey, who is third on the active list of NFL players in career interceptions, is taking a tour of NFL facilities all over the country after being released by the Denver Broncos after 10 years with the team.

His most recent stop put him in a city that is looking for a cornerback, and looking hard. He made a trip to New Orleans Tuesday to spend a little time at the Saints' facilities, which was a pleasant surprise for one current player on the roster.

Even NFL players get excited when they meet a future Hall of Famer. Keenan Lewis took to Instagram to show his respect for Bailey, but that was proof enough for Saints fans to get buzzing about his appearance in the city.

If Adam Schefter hasn't tweeted out his final answer, then this is far from a done-deal for the Saints. There's a lot of meat on Bailey's table right now, but the Saints could certainly benefit from a sagely presence at corner.

Darren Sharper's on-field performance helped the Saints win a Super Bowl. That in no way makes up for his horrific off-the-field behavior, but the point remains that veterans can help a team in a lot of ways.

Mickey Loomis will have to put on his accountant's visor and crunch some numbers to make it happen, but any time one of the best to lace up cleats stops by your house there is a reason to smile.