The latest rankings by the college playoff committee appears to be placing more value on a team's overall quality of wins as opposed to who they lost to.

As a result, Oregon has moved into the #2 spot in the rankings.  The Ducks have three wins against teams ranked in the Top 25, while undefeated Florida State has two.  The Seminoles slipped to #3.

Alabama was fifth last week.  They are fifth again this week despite defeating LSU Saturday night in Baton Rouge.  They were passed by TCU of the Big 12.  The Horned Frogs have wins over Kansas State and Minnesota and the committee thought that should be weighted more heavily than Baylor's last second win over TCU.

Arizona State, Baylor, Ohio State, Auburn and Ole Miss rounded out the top ten.  LSU dropped to 17 after the loss to Alabama.

The committee did not rank any school outside of teams in the power five conferences in their top 25, leaving speculation as to who from the "group of five" could be tabbed to get a slot in one of the big paying bowls.  Marshall was not ranked despite being undefeated.