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100 Random Sports Facts You Wish You Knew
Did you know that it takes 3,000 cows to create enough footballs for the NFL to use in a single season? Or that the Stanley Cup was originally only 7 and a half inches tall? Or that a forfeited game in baseball scores as a 9-0 ballgame? Or that Wilt Chamberlain never fouled out of a basketball game?
5 Fascinatingly Fun Things To Do In Jonesboro, Arkansas
The Ragin' Cajun football team has their collective eyes on a Sun Belt Conference championship. What stands in the way is a clash with the Arkansas State Red Wolves. I hear there is going to be a large contingent of Cajuns fans making the trek up to Jonesboro in the northeast corner of Arkansas…
Kicker Gets Call To Join Team an Hour Before Kickoff
Imagine pre-gaming at your fraternity house an hour before your school’s football team is about to play and you get a phone call from the coach to join the team for the game. That’s exactly what happened to University of Tennessee student, Derrick Brodus.

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