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100 Random Sports Facts You Wish You Knew
Did you know that it takes 3,000 cows to create enough footballs for the NFL to use in a single season? Or that the Stanley Cup was originally only 7 and a half inches tall? Or that a forfeited game in baseball scores as a 9-0 ballgame? Or that Wilt Chamberlain never fouled out of a basketball game?
5 Fascinatingly Fun Things To Do In Jonesboro, Arkansas
The Ragin' Cajun football team has their collective eyes on a Sun Belt Conference championship. What stands in the way is a clash with the Arkansas State Red Wolves. I hear there is going to be a large contingent of Cajuns fans making the trek up to Jonesboro in the northeast corner of Arkansas…
Kicker Gets Call To Join Team an Hour Before Kickoff
Imagine pre-gaming at your fraternity house an hour before your school’s football team is about to play and you get a phone call from the coach to join the team for the game. That’s exactly what happened to University of Tennessee student, Derrick Brodus.
Basketball Player Goes on Naked Rampage
In basketball, is running naked through the streets, punching cars and assaulting women a regular or technical foul? Or will it just be jail time?  A former player at Fresno Pacific University is about to find out.
Did Hugh Jackman Break a WWE Wrestler’s Jaw? [VIDEO]
Hugh Jackman appeared on WWE Raw earlier this week to promote his robot boxing film, ‘Real Steel.’ As is tradition when celebrities find themselves in the wrestler-verse, Jackman mixed it up with the grapples, and ended up hitting Dolph Ziggler with a sneak attack punch.
While the punch was obviously…

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