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Why Refinance Your Home Loan with GMFS
To save money!
Whether it's lowering your monthly payments, building equity faster by reducing the number of years on your loan, refinancing with GMFS Mortgage could save you a significant amount of money...
Why GMFS Mortgage?
“CHANGING LIVES” with GREAT customer service (GMFS Mortgage Customer Ratings & Reviews)

Since 1999, over 65,000 customers in multiple states resulting in over $12 billion in funding
Largest Louisiana operated mortgage lender
Local processing and underwriting
Fast Pre-Qualification …
Aimia “Mimi” Doucet
Aimia Doucet, GMFS Mortgage Banker
Aimia “MiMi” Doucet has been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years. After owning her own business in Church Point, LA for several years, Aimia joined GMFS, LLC and opened the Acadiana branch for the Baton Rouge based Mortgage Lender …
Audio Tips
Listen to how Eagle Pest Control and Chemical can help you with your pest problems such as mosquitos, keeping your pets flea-free, termites, and rodents:
20 Most Cajun Things That Ever Happened
We were surfing through one of our favorite websites today when we came across a list of the 29 Most Austin Things That Ever Happened. That got us to thinking... what were the most Cajun things that ever happened? After some careful deliberation, we think we've got a pretty definit…
It’s Time To Spring Forward!
This Sunday, March 13th, is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. My colleagues who do early morning radio shows hate it. The first few days are an adjustment for me, but once I'm acclimated, I love it.
Sean Dore
Sean Dore, Owner
I have been in the electrical field since 1996 and I am a master electrician. We do live in the local community and love living here. I can be contacted directly by email.
Attn: Sean Dore
Expert Services
Electrical service
Free home safety checklist
Landscape lighting
Lighting audits and energy audits

Our service is unique because we follow certain steps on treating our customers with respect, integrity, customer focus - while having fun in the process...
Common Questions
Do you give free quotes? Yes
Do you have upfront pricing? Yes
Do you charge by the hour? No, by the job
Do you have a license and insurance? Yes

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