It's time to play.

While Tropical Storm Isaac still has yet to have his say, Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns and the Lamar Cardinals have now entered game week as they prepare for the season opener this Saturday night at Cajun Field.

Kickoff time is set for 6:07pm.

Today was a day off for the Cajuns' players.  The Cajuns are scheduled to get back on the field tomorrow afternoon.

Despite the weather, head coach Mark Hudspeth doesn't foresee a change in routine this week.  Hudspeth said he hoped the weather would allow the Cajuns to move into the Leon Moncla Indoor Facility on Wednesday.

"But we've been game planning for Lamar for over a week now," Hudspeth said. "So, either way we'll be okay.

The Cajuns and Cardinals will be playing for the first time since 1989.  This game has always been played for a trophy called the "Sabine Shoe."  It has been in the Cajuns' possession for nearly a quarter century.

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