Our exclusive one-on-one Ragin’ Cajun video interviews end today, on the eve of the season opener. Yesterday, we talked to starting Center Andre Huval. Today, we chat it up with Louisiana starting quarterback Terrance Broadway.

Broadway begins the season in a different place on the depth chart from a year ago...as the starting quarterback. He hopes to begin this season the way he ended the last. Winning a huge game as the starting quarterback and playmaker for the Ragin' Cajuns. After winning the New Orleans Bowl MVP, Broadway enters his Junior season with huge expectations. That's okay. Broadway wouldn't have it any other way.

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If the Cajuns are hoping to beat the Arkansas tomorrow, they'll need to win in 5 specific areas. Click here to read Jay Walker's five keys to beating the Razorbacks.

Pre-game begins at 1:00 tomorrow, with kickoff following at 3:00. Postgame analysis and highlights will follow the game, then Dan McDonald will host The Rage, a call-in show for all fans to sound off on what they saw (or in some cases, didn't see). Catch it all right here on espn1420.com.