One of the first rules of thievery, so we’ve been told, is to have a great exit strategy.  Get in, get out and don’t get caught while relaxing in the middle of your crime. Apparently, Jonathon Humphrey never learned the first rule. Probably why he got caught.

A CBS San Francisco affiliate reports that Sonoma County Police arrested  the 20-year-old Humphrey in a home he’d broken into after allegedly robbing a nearby diner.  Instead of fleeing the area, the suspect decided it was time for some R&R.  He showered, borrowed some of the homeowner’s comfortable gym clothes, made himself a taco and cookie dinner and proceeded to watch a movie. It was probably the movie ‘Norbit.’ Just a hunch.

When the guest of a nearby neighbor approached him, he claimed to be a friend of the homeowner.  After noticing that the back door had been damaged and clearly indicated forced entry, the guest phoned police who arrived before Humphrey could escape. If Humphrey, oh we don’t know, maybe fled the area he might have pulled off the diner heist.

A taco and cookie dinner? They aren’t going to have food that good in county lock-up. They will, however, be showing ‘Norbit.’