Few minds in NFL history changed the game more than Buddy Ryan. Teams changed the way they played offense because of the way Ryan coached defense.

Countless coaches came from his coaching tree, including the two from his family tree. Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan's attacking style of defense came from their Dad, who wreaked havoc on offenses and opposing quarterbacks for decades. At the age of 82, he passed away, leaving one of the largest, lasting legacies in sports history.

He led one of the greatest individual defenses in the history of the game with the Bears in the '80s, and the 1985 unit was particularly terrifying. In case you forgot, he invented the 46-defense, and nobody had ever seen anything like it before.

If you need an explanation of how his defense works, let young Rex Ryan break it down for you. Even if you don't get the techniques, his hair makes it worth the watch.

Buddy's philosophies on the field were not only revolutionary, they stood the test of time. The game has changed in so many ways, but his attacking style still exists.

He taught his players that QB's were the enemy, and you made them pay at all costs.

With a mindset like that, it's no wonder his '85 Bears defense led in almost every single statistical category.

His sons can cope together, as they are finally on the same sideline with the Buffalo Bills. Their father will be able to watch their work from a new perspective, he just won't be able to correct their mistakes when they don't run his defense to absolute perfection.

He was never one to accept anything less than greatness, and his impact on the game will live on for years to come with the standard he set.