Brenn Conrad hit a home run in the Ragin' Cajuns' season opener against Sam Houston State, picking up exactly where he left off last year.

Conrad's home run against LSU in the 2015 Super Regional would have been a historic moment in Cajun Baseball history, but the Tigers found a way to steal his glory and deny the Cajuns a trip to Omaha. It's a new year in Cajun country, but the goals haven't changed. The team wants to win the Sun Belt, host a regional, advance to the super regionals and finish the season in Omaha. Is that too much to ask?

Competitive nature spurs us all on. Nobody wants to come in last, but nobody hates losing like the Conrad family.

Brenn's older brother, Jace, wrote his own legacy as a Cajun. He provided many euphoric moments for Cajun Nation with his bat and smooth glove in the infield, and his talents are now being utilized by the Tampa Bay Rays' organization at the professional level. As Jace's younger brother, Brenn is used to the comparisons. That being said, he's ready to make his own folklore at UL.

Tony Robichaux will takes as many Conrads as he can. Competitive nature is in their genes.

“Me and Jace have always grown up playing with each other and against each other, so I can say the competitiveness is the same," Brenn said. He was always better at hockey and soccer, but Jace held the advantage on the diamond. "He’s always grinded it out in baseball, somehow, so I’m hoping this year I can do better than him.”

If Brenn can step up and provide the emotional leadership of his older brother, the Cajuns can go a long way.

There's something about leaders that can't be taught. People look to you when times get tight, and it takes a certain type of person to rally around that need for fire. Baseball is an incredibly technical game, where the minor details can make or break you. At the same time, it's a theater for every range of emotion humans have to offer. Conrad's tendency to embrace the biggest of stages is a gift Tony Robichaux's coaching staff will never take for granted.

Brenn worked all summer, fall and winter to earn a starting job in the season opener against Sam Houston State. He's playing in the same place his brother did when the Cajuns set a school record for wins. Can he take them one step farther, all the way to Omaha?

Younger brothers always love bragging rights over the eldest. It's up to Brenn to one-up Jace now.