When the NFL owners decided to lockout the players, many looked to Drew Brees for player perspective. In response, Brees has not been shy to express his opinion. He sees an absence of good faith on the part of the owners in their decision to lockout the league. Here is more from Jim Trotter of cnnsi.com.

"I can point to about five different things to prove to you that they were ready to lock us out. They opted out of the last year of the [CBA] deal; they hired Bob Batterman [who oversaw a lockout of NHL players]. They tried to take the American Needle case to the Supreme Court to basically give them an antitrust exemption or single-entity status, but were defeated 9-0; they established new TV deals to pay them in the event of a lockout, but we were able to put a freeze on that money because they did not negotiate in good faith and broke the law. And they had an internal NFL document that was leaked -- a decision tree -- that said smack dab in the middle of it 'financial needs in a lockout.' That was in 2008, OK? So you're telling me that they had no plans to lock us out and really wanted to get a deal done? I don't think so."

Brees Candid With Comments

I recommend reading Trotter's entire article. Brees had a lot more to say about the owner's "scheme" to take a much bigger "piece of the pie." Drew cites the death of former union leader Gene Upshaw as the moment when owners began to plan the current lockout.

Despite the lockout, Brees has been keeping busy. He coordinated a players only workout at Tulane University, paying for a number of things to make it possible, including the travel and boarding expenses for several young players. His philanthropic ventures have continued as well.  He conducted a raffle from which four winners trained with the players during one of their practice sessions. The raffle rasied over $40,000, all of which was given to New Orleans charities.

While Brees is keeping busy, and continues to speak out against the lack of good faith on the part of the owners, he admits to being fearful of missing football games due to the lockout. So are NFL fans everywhere.