Now that an arbitrator has ruled that Jimmie Graham of the New Orleans Saints is a tight end and not a wide receiver, quarterback Drew Brees says it's time to get a long term deal done.

But the Saints have less than two weeks to get that deal done.

Brees said he understands the business side of it, having gone through a contract dispute with the Saints two years ago.  The Saints quarterback says it's important the two sides don't take the arbitration case personally.

It's expected the deal, if it gets done, will be right at the deadline, as it was with Brees.

Brees made it pretty clear Graham is a key piece for the Saints' success and believes Graham should be paid as the premier tight end in the NFL.

Should the Saints and Graham not be able to reach an agreement on a long term contract, Graham would then be on the open market.  Any team that Graham reaches an agreement with would have to give the Saints two first round draft picks should the Saints choose not to match the offer.