The NBA draft is an inexact science. Sometimes you get a second round gem (Manu Ginobili). Other times, you can just be a failed lottery pick of the Clippers (Benoit Benjamin, Reggie Williams, Michael Olowokandi, Lamond Murray, Darius Miles, Chris Wilcox, Bo Kimble, Melvin Ely...just to name a few). Who are the biggest NBA busts of all-time? Real clear sports has their top ten list.

The history of NBA's draft lottery is littered with college glitterati who utterly bombed in the league, and these cautionary tales stretch even as far back as the 1970s. Not taking into account injuries and drug problems that short-circuited careers, here are our Top 10 College Basketball Players Who Failed as Pros.

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The absence of Sam Bowie is questionable, though his career was slowed by injuries, and he wasn't a terrible player. He's just known as the guy taken two spots ahead of Micahel Jordan. Rocket fans know him as the guy taken one spot ahead of Hakeen Olajuwon.

Adam Morrison was all the rage 5 years ago at this time. Now he finds himself at the top of a list he would rather not be associated with. Remember him crying on the court when Gonzaga blew a big lead against UCLA in the sweet 16? March Madness that year was remembered mostly for George Mason's improbable run to the final four. It was also remembered around here for John Brady's LSU squad reaching the final four. Morrison can be easily forgettable, which is why nobody notices he isn't even playing in the NBA.