I haven't really watched any of the Winter Olympics. Am I Un-American? Or am I like most Americans?

To be completely honest, I'll be glad when the winter olympics ends on Sunday. It seems more people bash it on the internet than actually watch it.

Whether it's the weather, Russia's urine-colored water, Bob Costas' eye infection, or photos of a sad Vladimir Putin, the internet has covered the winter olympics more than ESPN has.

Photo by David Goldman - Pool/Getty Images

I've spent my time watching basketball, covering Ragin' Cajun athletics, following the Jimmy Graham contract drama, and getting caught up on True Detective. I don't have time to watch the Winter Olympics, because frankly, I don't care all that much.

I care enough that I want the U.S. to win the most gold medals. Am I Un-American if I don't watch any of my countrymen do it on tape delay?

The amount of winter sports I've participated in in my life would be equal to the amount of Super Bowl Championships the Atlanta Falcons have...zero. I can't relate to it. (Much like the way Falcon fans can't relate to Saints fans)

Apparently I'm not alone. When polling our listeners on-line, the vast majority claimed to have not watched a single second of the Winter Olympics. Some said they were only watching hockey, while only a few claimed to be watching it on a daily basis...all be it on tape delay.

Tape delay isn't the only issue with the Olympic coverage. ESPN is the clear king of media when it comes to the American sports fan. If they had the rights to the Olympics, SportsCenter would have a lot more pieces on the Olympians, humanizing them in a way that would cause any sports fan to root for them, regardless of if they've seen snow in their life. Instead, all ESPN can show is still pictures, and spoil results of events that NBC plans on showing in primetime.

In closing. Go U.S.A. Boo Russia. Hello to the return of Modern Family, Justified, and every other great television show that has been off the tube for the last two weeks because of the Olympics. I'm a lot more excited when I see the ad Winter Is Coming than when I see a Winter Olympics medal count for Bandy. (Yes, it's an event)

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