Former Ragin' Cajuns Offensive Lineman Donovan Williams found himself a temporary home in the NFL. "Big Mute" is on his way to the Windy City.

Williams tried out for the Chicago Bears, and they announced this week that they were signing him to participate in their rookie minicamp. He's one of five Cajuns trying to scratch and claw their way into the NFL, and he will be in the NFC North with former Ragin' Cajuns defensive lineman Christian Ringo (with the Green Bay Packers).

Williams is with the Bears, Mykhael Quave is in New York with the Giants, Darzil Washington caught the Seahawks' attention, Jamal Robinson is trying to make the Jags roster and Dominique Tovell is in New Orleans with the Saints. They all have a long offseason ahead of them, but a call for a job with an NFL team is always a good thing.

One of the quieter players to play for Mark Hudspeth's game is speaking loud enough to keep his football dreams alive. Keep up the good work, Donovan, and keep making Cajun Nation proud.