It’s called the DeltaWing, from Japanese automaker Nissan, designed by a Brit and built by California-based All American Racers. The end result of all that global collaboration is a futuristic black beauty, which at first glance looks like the Batmobile (from the comics, not from ‘The Dark Knight’).

But this isn’t just a concept car, the DeltaWing is very real, and will be racing at this year’s 24-hour Le Mans race – the greatest endurance race in motorsports.

Unlike the other race cars participating in Le Mans, Nissan’s DeltaWing is lighter and more aerodynamic. More importantly, it uses half the fuel, which not only makes it more environmentally friendly, but more competitive with fewer pit stops needed for refueling.

Given the obvious advantage the DeltaWing has over its older cousins, Nissan will only be racing from ‘Garage 56′, the pit lane spot for experimental cars – and will have race number ’0′ which won’t entitle it to win any trophies. So why bother racing? The rear-engined car, Nissan says, is to show the auto world what the future of racing holds.



We could bore you with more technical specifications, but Wired can do a better job at that. Most of us only want to find out how fast it can really go, which we’ll know only in June at the Le Mans race. Until then, we’ll just admire its ultra-cool design and wonder what Batman’s sidekick, Robin would have said had he seen this car back in the ’60s.

Probably something dumb with the word “holy” in front of it.

[Via Wired]