Superstar Anthony Davis earned 1st team All-NBA honors on Thursday. What does it mean for his potential future contract with the New Orleans Pelicans?

It Davis plays out the remainder of his current contract without signing an extension, it means nothing. His currently contract runs through 2020-21, but the final year of the deal include a player opt out clause. If he utilizes it, he could test free agency waters in a little over 3 years.

If he doesn't make another All-NBA team between now and the end of his current deal, it means nothing.

However, if he wants to sign an extension two summers from now, Davis would be eligible for a DPE (Designated Player Extension) if he makes another All-NBA team between now and then.

Why would Davis potentially sign a DPE while still under contract with the Pelicans rather than wait until his contract runs out and test free agency?

It's simple. More money.

If he qualifies, his 2019-2010 salary with the Pelicans, currently listed at $27 million, a potential maximum raise of 35% of the salary cap would kick in, bumping up his salary to $38 million.

It's not just an $11 million raise either. If Davis remains with New Orleans on a DPE extension, he would eventually reach 10 years of NBA service, making him eligible for a super max contract, which would net him a contract worth 35% of the salary cap for another 5 years. He could not sign a deal worth that much with another team under the current CBA.