What's it like for a hitter to face New York Yankees reliever Aroldis Chapman?

Well, it scary!

Chapman throws hard. Really hard!

Since making his major league debut in 2010, Chapman has thrown 6,488 pitches, and 5,176, or about 80% of them have been fastballs. Of those 5,176 fastballs, 2,659 of them, or 51%, have been 99 MPH or faster, and 1,752 of them, or about 34%, have been 100 MPH or faster.

All you can do as a hitter is just guess fastball, and start your swing early...really early!

Take a look at Chapman throwing a bullpen session below, and understand that as impressive as it is, it's still only a spring training bullpen session, so it's far from how hard he throws during an actual MLB game: