New York Yankees third baseman/designated hitter Alex Rodriguez drove home a run during Thursday night's game against the Oakland Athletics, the 1,996th of his career,  moving him into a second-place tie with Barry Bonds on the all-time list.

Second-place...kinda, that is.

Because RBIs became an official Major League statistic in 1920, Elias, the official statistician of Major League Baseball, began counting RBIs on that date. Due to the uncertain nature of record keeping in the early part of the 20th century, some discrepancies may exist between the stats provided today by different historical data providers.

For example, unofficially, Rodriguez is tied for fourth, with Hank Aaron (2,297) leading the way, followed by Babe Ruth (2,214), Cap Anson (2,075), and Bonds and Rodriguez.

But Anson played in the 1800's, and 224 of Ruth's RBIs took place prior to 1920, thereby officially putting Rodriguez in a tie for second-place with Bonds on the all-time list.

Rodriguez reached the milestone with a sacrifice fly to right-field in the top half of the fifth inning, scoring Brett Gardner.

Watch video of the unspectacular, yet productive run batted in, below: